COVID-19 Updates

Phase 2 of Safe Reopening is underway.
Most classes have been updated via email on resumption of physical classes.

Please check your email and notify us at info@ikoma.com.sg if you have not received.


Resumption status for these classes is pending scheduling confirmation.

 - JLPT Prep, N2 and N3 (Pending late Jul to Aug)

 - New Basic 1-1, Twice a week (Pending Jul)

As the school is gradually resuming normal operations, we shall only provide updates when there are new developments.
Please continue to check this page each time before you come for class.


Latest Update: 26 Jun 2020
(Please refresh your browser to get the latest updated info)

Previous Updates:
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14 Apr 2020 , 17 Apr 2020 , 21 Apr 2020 , 24 Apr 2020 , 28 Apr 2020 ,
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24 Jun 2020

Updated as of 24 Jun 2020

Before coming for class, on your way to school

l Check Ikoma website (covid page) for updates to the current situation.

l If you are unwell, DO NOT attend class.

l If you have household members who are on Home Quarantine Order/Stay Home Notice or
adult household members with flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough, DO NOT attend class.


When approaching the school

l You can check-in with SafeEntry when you are at Shaw House Office, ground floor lobby.
Keep the check-in screen on and show it to our staff when you come to the school entrance.
Your temperature will be taken at the school entrance.


You may bookmark and use this link for subsequent check-ins instead of scanning the QR code every visit.


By checking in with SafeEntry, you are declaring that:

1. You have not had close contact with confirmed cases

2. You are not under Quarantine Order / Stay-Home Notice

3. You do not have fever or any flu-like symptoms


l Classroom assignment will be made known at the ground floor lobby area.

Please proceed directly to the respective floor.

Do not go to other floors unless necessary.
Attendance will be taken in the classrooms and no signing in at reception is required.


In the classroom

l Keep your mask on at all the times.

l Please abide by the safe distancing measures and follow the designated seating arrangements.

l No eating shall be permitted in class (drinking briefly is allowed).

l No refuse shall be collected in school for hygiene reasons, so please bring home your own refuse.


After class

l Please check-out with SafeEntry

Should you be unable to attend class, please let the school know of your circumstances. We will try our best to find alternatives for you.