COVID-19 Updates

Updated as of 04 May 2021
Lesson Status: NORMAL
Classes are operating according to your respective class schedules.

(!) There is an increase of Covid-19 cases locally.
     Please check this page before you come for class
     in case of any emergency announcements.

If you experience any difficulty attending class or have any other related concerns,
     please feel free to contact the school to discuss your situation.

Updated as of 04 May 2021

Before coming to school

l Check Ikoma website (covid page) for updates to the current situation.

l You will need to check in with #TraceTogether SafeEntry and you may not attend class if you do not fulfill the following conditions.
By checking in with SafeEntry, you are declaring that:

1. You have not had close contact with confirmed cases

2. You are not under Quarantine Order / Stay-Home Notice

3. You do not have fever or any flu-like symptoms

l If you have household members who are on Home Quarantine Order/Stay Home Notice or
adult household members with flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough, you may not attend class.

l If you have arrived in/returned to Singapore from overseas, you may not attend class until 14 days after your arrival date.
*This is inclusive of cases where you are not issued an SHN or if your SHN is less than 14 days.

# Please note that effective 17 May 2021, all SafeEntry check-ins shall need to be performed using TraceTogether App or TraceTogether Token only.
Web browser based check-in or NRIC/ID barcodes scans shall no longer be admissible.

Entering the school

l Classroom assignments shall be displayed at the ground floor lobby area, about 20-30 mins before class start timing.

Please proceed directly to your respective floor and do not go to other floors unless necessary.
When you go to your respective floor, before entering, show your
TraceTogether SafeEntry Pass to the duty personnel
or use the
TraceTogether Token to check-in, then have your temperature taken.


Within the school

l Keep your mask on at all the times.

l Please abide by the safe distancing measures and follow the designated seating arrangements.

l No eating shall be permitted in the school or indoor common areas, such as lift lobbies, stairwells or corridors.
(If you must consume something, please go to an open air area)
Drinking quickly is allowed, but put your mask back on ASAP and do not speak while your mask is down.

l No refuse shall be collected in school for hygiene reasons, so please bring home your own refuse.


After class

l Please check-out with SafeEntry




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