COVID-19 Updates

Updated: 16 Sep 2021 (2300 hrs)
Lesson Status: Physical classes are ongoing
(optional online lessons arrangements are available)

Dear students,

Thank you for your continued support.

As Singapore is currently in a state of heightened risk, we understand that many of our students may be affected in various ways.
We will continue to provide optional online lessons until further notice, so if you have need of it, please let the school know early, so that we have sufficient time to arrange.

Other alternative arrangements, such as separate make-up classes, etc, may also be made available.

We have reviewed our safe management measures and have made the necessary adjustments in line with recent circumstances.

Please take a look at the section below to update yourself on the requirements.

These safe management measures may be reviewed and revised periodically on a need to basis.


We thank you all for your cooperation in keeping Singapore and our school a safer place for everyone.

Best Regards

Updated as of 16 Sep 2021

Before coming to school
Check our Covid page (this page) for updates to the current situation.

Entering the school

Classroom assignments shall be displayed at the ground floor lobby area, about 20-30 mins before class start timing.

Please proceed directly to your respective floor and do not go to other floors unless necessary.

When you go to your respective floor, before entering, show your
TraceTogether SafeEntry Pass to the duty personnel
or use the
TraceTogether Token to check-in.


You are not allowed to come to school:

l  If you have flu or flu-like symptoms.
*Please withdraw if feeling unwell in the middle of a lesson.
**Please check with the school if you have any household members with flu or flu-like symptoms. If in doubt, please take voluntary or precautionary absence.

l  If you are under any other kind of movement restriction order by the government or institution of authority.
[Quarantine Order (QO), Stay Home Notice (SHN), Health Risk Warning (HRW), company or school directives, etc.]
*Please check with the school if you believe yourself to be at risk of exposure, but have not received any instructions from the authorities. If in doubt, please take voluntary or precautionary absence.

l  If you have arrived in/returned to Singapore from overseas, you may not attend class until 14 days after your arrival date.
*Exemptions may apply, so please check with the school if you may be exempted either partially or in full.

l  If you are aged 12 years or younger, there may be some temporary restrictions in place so please check with the school.

*If you are unable to attend class or if you would like to take voluntary or precautionary absence for other reasons, please let the school know, so we may arrange alternatives.

The following safety regulations must be observed at all times

l  Abide by the classroom safe distancing measures and be seated according to the marked-out seating arrangements.

l  Keep a distance from other people and ensure your mask is properly on at all times. (Do not speak to others at a close distance, even if your masks are on)

l  Eating is prohibited in the school premises or in indoor common areas such as lift lobbies, stairwells or corridors.

l  Drinking quickly is allowed, but you are only allowed to remove your mask for drinking when
actually putting liquid into contact with your mouth, and you absolutely must not speak when your mask is off.

l  Maintain cleanliness by washing or disinfecting your hands frequently.
No refuse shall be collected in school for hygiene reasons, so please bring home your own refuse.


After class

l  Please check-out with SafeEntry

l  Away from the school, please also pay attention to infection prevention and protect yourself, especially during mask-off activities such as eating or drinking in groups.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.