NEW BASIC Japanese Classes
New-Intake Classes for Beginners starting from:

2-12 Jul

Basic Course (Once/Twice a week)

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23 Jul
& 19 Aug

Basic Intensive (Daily, Mon-Fri)

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For experienced learner, please scroll down to see Higher Level classes!


Japanese for CHILDREN

29 Jun

 & 1 Jul

Basic Children Classes (Part-time)

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JLPT Preparatory Classes
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starting from

 JLPT Level  (Once a week) Entry Level Click for

4 & 7 Apr 2024

 N1 (for Dec '24 exam)

After N2


10-14 Jul 2024

 N2 (for Dec '24 exam)

After N3


09-14 Jul 2024

 N3 (for Dec '24 exam)

After N4/Inter


26 & 29 May 2024

 N4 (for Jul '24 exam)

After Inter


26 & 30 May 2024

 N5 (for Jul '24 exam)

After Basic


For Next Intake update, please call us or write in to
Email Title: "Mailing list for next JLPT PREP N1/N2/N3/N4/N5 intake"


Higher Level Japanese Classes
~ You may join higher levels by way of a placement test ~

Ongoing classes available
Once/Twice a week or Intensive (Daily, Mon-Fri)

@ Level (Regular Classes) Entry Level
- Upper Basic Some foundation
- Intermediate After N5 / Basic
- Pre-Advanced After N4 / Intermediate
- Advanced After N3 / Pre-Advanced
- Further Advanced After N2 / N1 / Advanced

Please call us (6238-0288)  or
write in to to request for a placement test
Email Title: "Placement test for ongoing class"

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